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Future Fit is an engineering & design studio that provides all the resources to develop your ideas, we offer a total follow-up of your project, our commitment extends to the different stages offering you our professional experience in each one of them.

As we work in different areas of expertise, this allows us to cross-knowledge and apply these experiences to the process of creating innovative and elegant solutions.


“Design for simplicity” is our motto. We apply it to achieve high added value products, simple in functionality and to manufacture.

With design we can anticipate to the user needs and innovate around those requirements, making a lecture of future problems and avoiding them.


Future Fit provides flexible solutions, based on active listening and really understanding the needs of each project.

Our team will work on your problems offering suitable developments taking into account yields, economic costs and product qualities. Continuous innovation is always present in all our projects.


If corporate giants can make mistakes, it is all the more important for medium & smaller companies not to forget the importance of prototyping before beginning production.

Testing and evaluating help us to find glaring omissions that you can not sense in a 3D modeling software.


Future Fit offers assistance to its clients in the final process of bringing the engineered product to production by serving as a vendor liaison.

We can interface with potential vendors and oversee the transition to the initial production of parts and assemblies. We also look for new vendors if we are asked.


Andrea de Luca - CEO

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